3 november – 15 december 2016
Phantom models III
di Christian Fogarolli

The Museum  is pleased to welcome the exhibition Phantom models III by Christian Fogarolli.

The project was presented in the street circuit of the week of Artissima, it is curated by Chiara Ianeselli and Giancarla Malerba. The exhibition (in collaboration with Galerie Alberta Pane, Paris-Venice) is the only Italian phase of an international research focused on a brain and spinal cord model, built in Bern 1883 by F.R. Büchi and then spread in over 20 cities around the world, including Turin. This was the first model representative of brain areas and neural pathways used for scientific and educational purposes. After the involvement with the Amsterdam model and the Russian one, rebuilt by Fogarolli due to its loss, the artist makes now an intervention reflecting on the physical identity of the Turin model, in harmony with the context in which it will temporary rest.

F.R. Büchi, "Phantom of the brain", 1883 (Rolando Hall, Museum of Human Anatomy, University of Turin).

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